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Wardens of Suijin

It has been three hundred and seventy two years since the distant star Kurhah exploded in fury painting part the night sky forever in blues and emerald greens. Our Wisemen heralded it as a sign of great bounty. As our eyes gazed up to the heaves in awe we failed to notice the blight starting around us. The summer rains took longer to arrive and ended faster. Bad harvests struck more often and the rivers banks moved closer together. The stories of endless rice fields sparkling as far as the eye can see are now nothing but an old tale about a sight that has been unseen in countless generations.

As the lands grew dry and barren more calamities unfolded. First, only weeks after Kurhah went in a fiery blaze, Prince Herion Elensar and his Erish Soliders stepped foot on the shores of Masan. Numbering only five hundred Prince Elensar’s warriors laid waste to five cites in Akkash Empire in two months. Months into the wanton destruction it just stopped. Prince Elensar and the Erish returned to their ships and left our shores. Their presence is ever lasting as the ruins of the once great Akkash people can still be found. What came after him was far worse. Plagues, famine, wars for resources. Blood has stained these sands.


Lands of Masan

There are many kingdoms small and large on the continent below are a few that are of important note in ‘Wardens of Suijin’.

  • Azapar: The lands of Shah Jali Imizh the Kingdom of Azapur surrounds the gulf of Dajil all the way to just 200km west of the Quamzi river and southwards until the blue rocks of Majli Plateau.
  • Nyma: The arid grasslands west of the Sirjan Mountains are the lands of Chien Binh Ninsun Inkit. The people of these harsh lands in the shadow of Mount Dawa are fighting a losing battle against the sands.
  • Takaizu: Just southwest of Mount Dawa are the still green lands of Takaizu. Ruled by Hanja Nozu Kahyoe the Takaizu is a thriving society taking advantage of the resources it posses that its neighbors so badly need.

Important Information

Masan is a strange and unfamiliar place. Below is information for players to help them better understand the world their characters will be immersed in.

  • Skies of Masan: Information about the heavenly bodies that brighten the night sky and heavily influence those on the ground below.
  • Races of Nalmorah: Playable Races, Restricted Races and New Creatures.
  • Gods of Masan: The Powers and Deities that imbue the people with magic both arcane and divine.
  • Tools of the Trade: Items unique to the world of Nalmorah.

Art: Desert by Yobarte (Deviant Art).

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