“Water is the principle, or the element, of things. All things are water.” – Asasev Alajan

Ruler: Shah Jali Imizh, Population: 2,436,342 ( 1,956,623 Human, 479,719 Other), Capital: Bhari; Population: 158,677 Exports: Embroidered silks, dyed textiles, incense and perfumes, coal, fish, salt and fresh water. Imports: Silver, Lead, Copper and Iron Ore.

The Azapar Kingdom was once known as the seat of learning in all of Masan, and it is believed that Asasev Alajan, known as the ‘first philosopher’, studied there. As the Azaparians believe that water is the ‘first principle’ from which all else flows, and as Alajan is famous for that very claim, it seems probable he studied in the region. Intellectual pursuits are highly valued across the region, and the schools; devoted primarily to the monks; are said to be as numerous as temples and teach reading, writing, religion, law, medicine, and astrology.

The lands of Shah Jali Imizh the Kingdom of Azapur surrounds the gulf of Dajil all the way to just 200km west of the Quamzi river and southwards until the blue rocks of Majli Plateau.

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